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One Legacy

2004 to present

OneLegacy is a non-profit organization that provides services related to organ donation. The Companion newsletter is a publication for the Family Services Department of OneLegacy. Since the newsletter was created to serve the organ donor and recipient families, I designed it to look friendly and comforting, while staying true to its corporate branding.

– Layout design
– Photo retouch and color correction
– Final production/ Pre-press

Sample pages
The yellow/red color scheme pages are an earlier version of the newsletter. The blue/green pages are with current branding.

The Care Package is a gate-fold presentation folder with step inserts. This piece reflets the shift in the colors being used within branding.

– Gate-fold presentation folder
– Step inserts
– Create diecut of the presentation folder
– Final production / Pre-press

9″ x 12″
Full color cover

Step Inserts
Inserts matching the color scheme as the presentation folder that these are placed in.

The Next Few Days consent packet is an informative booklet that is provided to the families of the donors. The visuals are meant to be gentle and calming.

– Book design
– Final production / Pre-press

8.5″ x 11″
Full color cover
Duotone content pages

Sample pages
Color choice is calm and muted. Font choice is within branding and the emphasis on serif fonts gives a graceful feel.

Sympathy & Thank You Cards for donor and recipient families. Client requested specific nature elements to be used as visuals for the cards. I created the design using simple illustrations with minimal colors for an organic and elegant look.

– Illustrations
– card layout
– Pre-press