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Very Fine Dancesports Shoes

2014 to present

Very Fine Dancesports Shoes is a dance footwear manufacturer and supplier that also carries their own house brand tailor to high-end design dance shoes.

The purpose of this catalog is to provide images and info of the hundreds of products in an organized and appealing way, as the catalog is meant to serve both wholesalers and retail buyers.

– Catalog cover design
– Extensive Photoshop work involving photo manipulation,    color correction
– Layout design
– Pre-press

– 8.5″ x 11″ horizontal
– 200 pages

Client requests the imagery on the cover emphasizes the vast amount of shoe styles the company carries. The front cover image is made of tiling of thousands of dance shoe photos.

The content pages are created using data merge with InDesign.

Very Fine offers the service of customization of dance footwear. This swatch book is meant to showcase the large amount of materials and color samples available from the company. 

– Binder cover design
– Content swatch page layout design
– Create mock-up pages

This is a very hands-on project. Each swatch is hand glued onto the page in production, so while I had to maximize the size and amount of swatches, I also wanted to ensure there’s proper clearance for ease of gluing and ease of practical use. 

Client wanted to redesign the shoeboxes to freshen up their visual and also adjust their sizes.

– Adjust and recreate shoebox dielines (old shoeboxes size were not ideal)
– Design shoeboxes
– Create mock-ups
– Pre-press

I created this box design by combining two graphic elements often seen on Very Fine products- outline illustration of dance shoes and word tiling of dance names.  

The word tiling visual is also incorporated onto the promotional drawstring backpack.

Very Fine brand products are carried by many dance footwear stores. I’ve designed a variety of online banners for footwear stores’ ads and promos.

Extensive Photoshop work involving creating/altering shoe materials and colors. This included digitally prototyping shoes to expedite the process of making new shoes. The promo banners needed to accurately cater to the diverse cultures of the dancers.